This Snake Just Puked Up A Nightmare

Snakes sometimes do this when they're stressed.

A snake in India gave bystanders a surprise when it regurgitated its last meal.

The snake had swallowed another snake and then proceeded to force the entire meal back out.

The unidentified person who filmed the encounter told Newsflare he found the snake outside his home in Kannur, Kerala, over the weekend and thought it was dead. He poked it to be sure, and that’s when the snake revealed it was still alive.

The reptile was likely just digesting, which can take a snake several days. During that time, they often don’t move much. However, a little stress, such as an encounter with a predator ― or maybe a human with a stick and a camera ― can trigger a reflexive puke session.

“If the animal gets stressed or startled, such as by a potential predator, a full stomach makes fight or flight difficult,” Reptiles Magazine noted. “It then regurgitates its food item, thus evacuating its stomach, which makes activity much easier.”

Lesson: Don’t poke snakes.

(h/t Digg)

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