5 Ways To Keep Snakes Out Of The House And The Yard This Spring (PHOTOS)

5 Ways To Ensure A Snake-Free Existence

Snakes in a Mississippi courthouse are a reminder that it's spring and it's time to think about how to keep the reptiles out of your house. The snakes in question were small (from one inch to just over two inches), but still, it's enough to give us the heebie-jeebies.

As much as we don't want to think about snakes, we need to take some precautions now that the weather has heated up and the critters are coming out of hibernation.

Before you run screaming for the hills at the thought of snakes in your home (we are totally retching at the thought), consider this: they only live in hospitable conditions, like cool, dark places with rodents and insects. If that sounds like your home, you've got other problems on your hands.

Here, five ways to ensure a serpent-free existence:

1. Inspect your home, paying special attention to the gaps under doors. Use weather stripping to seal up any visible holes. This will also prevent cool air from escaping, which feels kinda like this:

2. Check your yard. Like humans, snakes are looking for food and shelter. Long grass and thick landscaping serve as great shelter for insects and rodents, otherwise known as "breakfast, lunch and dinner" to serpents.

3. Insure there are no cracks in the foundation to your house. If there are, seal them immediately, because if it ain't snakes, it'll be some other critter that you don't want in your home.

4. Watch your wood piles. These are great spots for snakes and spiders to hide.

5. Know your neighborhood. Areas like Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana are prone to snakes. And of course, if you live in parts of Florida, you know what you're in for.

There are also snake repellants on the market, as well as old-fashioned remedies like moth balls and lemon grass, though the word is that they are unreliable.

If there is a snake, hire a professional to remove it. The bottom line is that unless the snake is paying rent, we don't want it in our abode.

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