Here's The New Thing All Of Your Snapchat Friends Will Start Doing

This is wild.

Face Swap is no longer the new hot thing. Starting Wednesday, Snapchat will roll out a new feature allowing users to put 3D emoji stickers on any moving object in a video.

It's just for Android users right now, but the feature will come to iOS "very shortly," a spokesman for the company told The Huffington Post. 

Here's how it works. Shoot a video, tap the sticker on the top of your screen, then drag whatever emoji you want onto the object you want to attach it to.

For example, you could put the cat face emoji on a cat (creative!) and watch it move around with the feline, keeping scale and morphing as the animal moves closer to the screen. Or, you could stick an emoji plane onto a real plane flying by. The possibilities are endless!

Think twice if the update seems inconsequential to you. Personal video has become the new battleground for the world's most powerful social networks, and Snapchat is eating away -- however slowly -- at Facebook's piece of the pie. The more it can do to keep you sharing on the platform, the more relevant Snapchat becomes.

Snapchat told HuffPost that the update started to roll out to Android users as of 12 p.m. ET Wednesday. Hang tight if you don't have it yet.