Snapchat Best Friends Are Back...As Emojis

We all remember the utter chaos that ensued when Snapchat abruptly took away the Best Friends feature in the app a few months ago. No more stalking; oh, the horror! Snapchat claimed it was necessary to protect usernames of high profile users who wanted their privacy. However, with headlines like "Snapchat update makes it easier to have affairs" and tumultuous uproar on Twitter and other social media, Snapchat quickly back tracked and promised to bring the feature back. With it's latest update, Snapchat's Best Friends feature is back, but in a very different way: emojis.

As explained in the Discover section of the app, the new UI shows you who you're best friends with and who's best friends with you, without showing you usernames of everyone's best friends. Now, little emojis appear next to specific users to indicate their 'best friend' relationship to you. Snapchat decided to explain the emojis by using Beyonce as their example. So without further ado, here's what those pesky emojis mean: