Mounting Evidence Shows Snapchat Doesn't Delete Photos (VIDEO)

Surprise! It's now even more likely that Snapchat doesn't delete your sexy selfies.

Snapchat, a mobile app that millions use to send self-destructing photographs and videos, is losing its once-held reputation as a paragon of privacy.

Earlier this month, digital forensics expert Richard Hickman claimed that he and his company could retrieve "deleted" Snapchats from Android phones. The process requires special software and costs $300 to $500 per retrieval.

On Friday, YouTube user Nick Keck uploaded a video showing how to retrieve "deleted" Snapchat photos from an iPhone. The process seemed surprisingly simple: Keck went into the backend of his phone, looked for the Applications file, and revealed that it held folders named with arbitrary strings of numbers. By going through the folders, he quickly located the one that contained his supposedly deleted videos. From watching Keck's video, it seems that finding saved Snapchats on the iPhone might be a lot simpler than on Android phones.



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