This Secret Snapchat Trick Is Perfect For People Who Have A Lot To Say

We figured out how to bypass that pesky character limit.

If you're a regular Snapchatter, you've probably faced this dilemma before: You've taken the perfect selfie, come up with a brilliant caption, and you're ready to type. Except, you suddenly realize that the text exceeds the app's character limit.

Just like Twitter's 140-character tweets, Snapchat restricts the text box to a mere 31 characters, which forces users to condense ideas into quips that are incredibly short, even for social media standards. 

I had resigned myself to editing my Snapchat messages over and over, until I saw this picture from HuffPost Style's Associate Editor Jamie Feldman -- and my life was changed. 

It turns out that Jamie has discovered a simple hack that allows you to bypass Snapchat's 31-character limit and put more text across your snaps. 

Some of our readers have pointed out that the trick has been around for a little while, but we want to show everyone and spread the word.

Here's a step-by-step guide for iPhone users:

1. Take a good Snapchat picture. 

This might seem obvious, but a great photo does wonders for your Snapchat game. If your initial picture is dull or uninteresting, no one's going to want to stare at it for more than a microsecond -- let alone read multiple lines of text across the photo.  

Here's a picture of the American flag that I took earlier today: 

Yes, I put a filter on it, just because. 


2. Open the "Notes" app on your iPhone.

Once you create a new note, hit the "return" button in the keyboard three or four times, until you're satisfied with the number of lines. Then, proceed to select all and copy.  


3. Return to your Snapchat picture.

This is where the magic happens: Open up the text box and paste the empty lines into Snapchat ... 

... and there you go! Now you have multiple lines to write whatever you wish -- like Jamie's announcement for "Napchat" or even the Declaration of Independence.


The only drawback, though, is that you have to manually tap a new line whenever you want to move down a line or add a break. (Unfortunately, if you try to write the whole caption in a note and then paste it into Snapchat, the trick won't work.)

You're welcome, Snapchat fans! Oh, and feel free to tweet at Jamie (@realgirlproject) for all Napchat-related inquiries. 

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