Snapchat Videos Show Couple Shooting Up Houston Neighborhoods

"They were dumb enough to post these publicly with a tagged location," said a Reddit user who reported the videos to police.

Cops in Texas are trying to identify a couple who shamelessly filmed themselves shooting up a West Houston neighborhood that’s still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Harvey.

Three short clips, posted via the SnapChat mobile application using the “SnapMap” feature, appeared online early Tuesday. The videos were spotted by Reddit user harriscores, who started a thread about the videos in the /r/Houston subreddit.

“Found some snaps on the map of a guy driving around shooting at houses on Memorial [Drive] around 3am this morning,” harriscores wrote.

In the videos, an unidentified man and woman can be seen haphazardly firing guns out of a moving vehicle.

Each video was tagged with the location of the shooting.

Harriscores ― whose name has not been released ― notified Houston police. They are now actively trying to identify the suspects.

“I was just browsing the SnapMap feature that lets you see all the public snaps in any location,” harriscores told The Houston Chronicle. “I work in that general area and was just seeing what was going on. They were dumb enough to post these publicly with a tagged location and general time stamp.”

Many of the homes along the stretches featured in the videos were flooded during Hurricane Harvey, according to Houston’s KHOU News.

On Wednesday, a day after the video was posted, reporters with Houston’s KPRC 2 News drove the same path where the videos were filmed. The reporters found at least one suspected bullet hole in a business sign and several shell casings, which they reportedly turned over to police.

KPRC 2′s crew also interviewed Bill Kraft, a resident who lives in the area. Kraft said he heard a loud noise Tuesday morning, which he initially thought was a car backfiring.

“Then I heard two more rapid shots, which I thought, ‘This isn’t a car. It’s got to be something else,’” Kraft told the news station.

It does not appear anyone was hurt during the random shootings. Authorities have not yet released whether they have discovered additional bullet holes or shell casings.

Anyone who recognizes the man and woman in the videos is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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