Sneezy The Squirrel Captures The Heart Of Penn State And The Internet With Many Hats (PHOTOS)

Meet Sneezy, The Penn State Squirrel Of Many Hats

Allow us to introduce you to Sneezy: She's a friendly squirrel who lives in an elm tree near the Old Main building on the Penn State University campus, and she's pretty popular.

Sneezy's Facebook page has a huge following, with a current total of 6,683 likes as of Thursday evening. According to the page, all photos are completely Photoshop free, but to be completely honest, we weren't sure it was legit. Until we saw a YouTube video of the "Squirrel Whisperer" putting the hats on Sneezy! (Watch it above.)

To further prove it's real, Onward State followed around "Squirrel Whisperer" Mary Krupa as she interacted with the fluffy little animals on campus.

Sneezy's biography described meeting Krupa:

This year, I met a special person who brings me tasty food almost every day. She proposed a business deal: I'd wear tiny hats and allow myself to be petted, and she'd pay me in nuts. I just love nuts, and because I am a friendly squirrel, I agreed. People sure do look surprised when they see me in a hat, but it usually makes them very happy! And I love making people happy, so I created this page to share my squirrely wonderfulness with the world.

Onward State reported the squirrels have learned who Krupa is and came running when they saw her. That, or they could tell she had food. Either way, we're impressed!

Check out some of Sneezy's hat photos in the slideshow below:

The Princess and The Peanut

Sneezy The Penn State Squirrel's Facebook Photos

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