Ariana Grande Swore On 'SNL' Because Donut-Licking Is So 2015

They grow up so fast.

New year, new scandal. 

No, that's not the logline for Shonda Rhimes' television programming. It's just Ariana Grande living up to her new "Dangerous Woman" persona, at least in the eyes of the FCC. 

The pop star pulled double duty on this week's "Saturday Night Live" as the host and musical guest. During the opening monologue, Grande took the opportunity to poke fun at her donut-licking seen round the world ("I am EXTREMELY proud to be an American") by performing a song about all the potential adult scandals that could take her career to the next level. 

Midway through the number Grande made sure to deliver on the song's premise, dropping an "Oh shit!" on live TV. The New York Times' David Itzkoff captured the moment on Vine for your viewing pleasure.

Maybe it was planned or maybe that ponytail was pulled too tight, but the slip didn't seem to detract from the singer's focus.

Grande finished the rest of the song expletive-free, but made sure to reference another live TV water cooler moment. "I could slip a nip at the Super Bowl and ruin my career overnight," she sang, referencing Janet Jackson's infamous "wardrobe malfunction."

Ah, simpler times... 



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