'Trump Bros' Get The Goods From McKinnon's Assange On 'SNL'

Thank God for "Shrinky Dinks," says dopey "Eric."

It’s double Trump trouble in a London underground parking garage when the president’s eldest two sons meet up with Kate McKinnon’s Julian Assange for an episode of “The Mueller Files” on the cold open of “Saturday Night Live.” Mikey Day’s Donald Trump Jr. and Alex Moffat’s dumber-than-a-box-of rocks Eric Trump want to get their hands on damaging Hillary Clinton emails.

The “Deep Throat” scene begins with Junior alone with Assange. He explains to McKinnon that Eric was told to wait in the car and to honk if he got scared. That’s when the car honks.

“Eric’s wife had to work so I have him for the day,” Junior explains once he goes to fetch his brother.

“Assange” turns over a package of emails from the Democratic National Committee to Junior, who stuffs the precious cargo into Eric’s Minions backpack.

“Thank God for Wikileaks,” says Day, which Moffat calls “Shrinky Dinks.” 

When Junior assures Assange that dad is always loyal to his friends, Eric pipes up, “What about Chris Christie? Rudy Giuliani? ... Mom?”

When it’s time for the crew to say “Live from Saturday Night ...” Moffat says “Liv.”

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