'SNL' Perfectly Captures The Unease Of Talking About Aziz Ansari

Warning: You’re going to want to smash your face into a plate of pasta.

It’s OK to talk about the extremely divisive subject of Aziz Ansari with friends at dinner, right?

… Right???

Saturday Night Live” captured the awkwardness of our post-babe.net world over the weekend with a skit about a group of people whose fun dinner conversation about a dog that eats anything (even steel wool!) devolves into a messy discussion about the sexual misconduct allegations against the comedian.

So, you may be wondering: Is it OK, according to the sketch, to discuss how powerful men tend to abuse, uh … or, how a woman who feels discomfort in a sexual situation could just, you know … leave?

Uh, sure.

If you don’t mind the impulse to cut off your own hair out of frustration.

So ― what was that about a dog that eats steel wool?

Watch the entire sketch above.

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