Bachelor 'Robert Mueller' Can't Commit To Trump Collusion In Heartbreaking 'SNL'

But the "Kush is cooked," he promises.

Saturday Night Live” reimagined special counsel “Robert Mueller” in the painful finale of “The Bachelor” as a man who “can’t commit” to proving election collusion by President Donald Trump with the Russians. And it’s so sad.

The cold open parodied Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s yanked proposal on the final episode of the ABC reality show. Kate McKinnon’s Mueller tells contestant  (Cecily Strong) that he can’t give her everything she wants, adding: “And I think you sense that.”

“So what, you don’t have Trump on collusion?” asks a stunned Strong.

“I’m trying to be honest with you, and tell you that can’t I commit to collusion right now,” says a crestfallen “Mueller.” 

“So that’s it? He’s just going to be president? Oh my God, I have to wait two more years for him to be out of office?”

“Honestly, probably six,” says McKinnon.

Strong asks Mueller if he has “any good news” for her.

“Do you own American Steel?” he asks, then throws Strong a bone: At least “the Kush is cooked!”

Check out the clip above.