SNL Mocks Bloomberg Over Occupy Wall Street (VIDEO)

We're not sure if the Occupy Wall Street protesters would consider it a milestone, but when you're the focus of the SNL cold open, it generally means you're the most important story in the country at the time.

Fred Armisen opened the 4th episode of this season's SNL with the thing he does best: succinctly parodying a public figure in the middle of whatever crisis is currently plaguing them. In this case, Armisen assumed the role of New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and his embattled relationship with the Occupy Wall Street protest.

In the sketch, Bloomberg -- the real version of whom had just backed down from clearing Zuccotti Park -- regards the protest as yet another example of New York City's penchant for trendsetting, but not before he explains the importance of power washing public spaces.

With a gag about the city's over-preparedness for Hurricane Irene thrown in for good measure, the sketch culminates in Bloomberg naming names (and addresses) of the city's other top one-percenters, hoping to divert the protesters attention.

Armisen captures Bloomberg's awkwardness perfectly, peppering the speech with ill-timed grins and contained aggravation. We wish he'd added in a little ElBloombito spanish-speaking, but you can't have everything.