'SNL' Sketch Reveals Democratic Jitters About Blue Wave Turning Out To Be A Washout

How to be hopeful and terrified at the same time.

Saturday Night Live” cast members playing ordinary Democratic voters put on a sunny, cheerful face in a spoof election ad declaring that there’s a “blue wave on the horizon.”

Or is there?

Despite their best efforts to appear confident, everyone’s got a bad case of the jitters in the sketch.

“They say don’t trust the polls, but I’m choosing to,” Kate McKinnon half-heartedly declares as she fumbles with blooms at a florist shop. “We’re finally going to put this administration in check.” But she needs a vase full of booze to settle her nerves.

Leslie Jones says that “white women finally promised to do the right thing this time; they’re not going to let us down, right?” Her cat does an eye roll.

Finally, Heidi Gardner breaks down and yells at her two children gambolling on the lawn to get inside ... NOW ... until Tuesday.

Watch McKinnon break glass and Pete Davidson get smacked in the clip above.