Go Dogs: Barking Mad 'SNL' Cast Gushes Over Puppy Love In Rap Video

Rappers love their girls.

It seemed to be a maddening rap featuring guys boasting about their “bitches” getting “at me when I get home.” But the “Saturday Night Live” video turns out to be softies crooning over ... their dogs.

Bow wow. 

There’s a pomeranian and a Pekinese, a Shih Tzu, pitbull, basset hound, Jack Russell, poodle, shepherd and a border collie, just to name a few.

“I’m allergic to these bitches. I touch ’em and start itchin’,” complains Pete Davidson, who has to load up on allergy drugs. (“Hype, hype, HYPOALLERGENIC!” everyone raps).

James McAvoy gets a bit rabid, while Chris Redd and Kenan Thompson stick with the girls they love.

But Davidson might still have Ariana Grande on his mind ...

Check out the video — with bunnies — above.