'SNL' Cast Targets Hitler, Kanye In Delusional Hope They Can Sing Away Trouble At Christmas

But it's all just (fa) la-la land.
Screenshot/NBC/"Saturday Night Live"

Saturday Night Live” cast members gathered together in the cold open for a musical salute to the holiday season and its seeming ability to wipe away the unendurable like Elon Musk, Ye — and Adolf Hitler.

“Elon, why does he own all the stuff?” croons Cecily Strong. “Why does he have to run Tesla and Twitter? Was outer space not enough?”

Bowen Yang sings: “And Hitler? When did Hitler come back? Didn’t we basically all agree years ago: Hitler should never come back.”

Kenan Thompson pipes up: “And why are his new fans Black?” — pointedly referring to Hitler fan Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West.

“It’s hard not to feel helpless,” says Strong. “I always think I should be doing more for myself, for friends, for society. But then I remember ... [and she bursts into song] it’s Christmas, and all of my stress fades away. All the problems and issues and crying and tissues can wait until January!”

“You mean block it all out? Bury your feelings deep inside where they can’t hurt you,” Yang responds.

But it’s all just fa-la-la land. Because what happens next month?

“We explode. We freak out and threaten our ex,” the cast sings. “We drink to the point where we contemplate murder and accept Venmo payments for sex. That’s just what happens next, because for now, It’s Christmas!”

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