"SNL" Comes Down On Obama Administration For Caving On Public Option (VIDEO)

"SNL" Opened last night with sketch mocking Joe Biden, the Obama administration, and concessions they've made to get the health care bill passed. "The president wants to pass a health care bill so bad that he will literally sign anything. You can water it down however you like--as long as it's a stack of paper with the words 'health care' on it he'll sign it," an eager Biden said from the Oval Office while President Obama is abroad.

Vice President Biden (played by Jason Sudeikis) went on to run down other concessions they're willing to make in order to get the bill passed. "For those Republicans who want the bill to protect doctors from medical malpractice suits, you win, we'll agree to a provision that makes it illegal to ever sue a doctor." He also agreed that no copies of the bill would be printed in Spanish, and that the first Republican senator to cross the aisle and sign the bill would get a secret provision attached that can be anything from banning gay marriage to making it illegal to be Nancy Pelosi.


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