'SNL' Syria Hero Dog Apologizes For Humping Legs Without Consent

The military operation wasn't so very scary because there were no vacuum cleaners, Conan the K-9 commando explained in a translation from Cecily Strong.

Kate McKinnon’s vampy, snarly Kellyanne Conway kicked off the first White House press briefing in nearly eight months in a “Saturday Night Live” sketch by introducing “Conan the K-9 commando.” The German shepherd played the hero dog who helped take down so-called Islamic State group leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a U.S. military operation last month.

Cecily Strong’s character translated for Conan as reporters peppered him with questions. Heidi Gardner posing as a reporter cooed, “Who’s a good boy?” To which Conan “growled”: “Seriously, with all due respect, I’m a trained military assassin, not some basic labradoodle.”

The operation could have been scarier, he noted. Fortunately, it didn’t include any vacuum cleaners. And his heroics paid off, he acknowledged: “What can I say? Honestly, I’m drowning in bitches.”

Conan mentioned he would like to find out who the whistleblower on the Ukrainian situation is because “that sound is driving him crazy,” Strong translated.

Conan confessed to some indiscretions in the past. Conan said when he dressed in a cat costume for Halloween 10 years ago, “I did not mean to appropriate feline culture or put on cat face.” He also apologized for humping someone’s leg every day for the past 12 years “without consent.”

That’s when he had to leave to “explain the situation in Syria” to President Donald Trump.

Check out the sketch in the video up top.

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