'SNL', Daniel Radcliffe Do Harry Potter Ten Years Later (VIDEO)

When child stars enjoy a meteoric rise in fame, the downhill ride often is not pretty.

With that in mind, "SNL" took the opportunity of having Daniel Radcliffe host the show to provide an alternate, perhaps, more realistic version of the end of the Harry Potter saga. Perhaps the boy who lived will one day be the boy who peaked too soon.

It's the year 2020 and a new class of young wizards are being introduced to Hogwarts, and Harry Potter is eager to regale them with his legendary tales of danger and bravery. The only problem is, everyone's kind of over it. Even his best friends, Hermione and Ron, who are now teachers at Hogwarts, think Harry should give it a rest and move on.

Check out the full clip above and tell us who your favorite "SNL" Harry Potter character was.