Young Kids Talk About Donald Trump In Totally Sobering 'SNL' Skit

Out of the mouths of babes.

Young kids shared their thoughts on Donald Trump in a “Saturday Night Live” skit that took a very sobering turn.

While one boy told Vanessa Bayer in the “Kids Talk Politics” segment that the president-elect was “funny” but “kind of a bully,” another amusingly commented on his “weird, fake hair” and a girl remarked on how he “always talks about how great he is.”

It was left to Sonal Chappelle ― the young daughter of this weekend’s “SNL” host, Dave Chappelle ― to bring them back down to earth and remind them of the often racist rhetoric that characterized Trump’s presidential campaign.

“He unleashed racism and xenophobia,” she told the stunned Bayer and the rest of her class. “We now must return to the dark ages of white presidents.”

After she added that her dad had told her Trump would stop and frisk their black cat named Pussy, Chappelle arrived to collect her ― and praised her for “dropping some truth.”

Watch the full segment above.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story incorrectly referred to Dave Chapelle as Sonal’s fictitious father.