John Cena Looks At The World Through Donald Trump’s Eyes On 'SNL'

"Mommy lives for you," Kellyanne Conway tells him.

Saturday Night Live” imagined how President-elect Donald Trump sees the world in a hilarious point-of-view-shot skit.

The “Through Donald’s Eyes” segment featured guest host John Cena as the incoming commander in chief waking up to watch “Fox & Friends” and read The New York Times.

But everything is filtered to his own views. So on the television, all Trump hears is positive words like “huge,” “success,” “landslide” and “victory” ― while to him, the newspaper’s masthead reads as “The Failing New York Times,” in reference to the disparaging nickname he has often given it.

The pro wrestler and actor, as Trump, later admires his large hands in the mirror, before Kate McKinnon, playing his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, promises to fix all his problems. “Mommy lives for you,” she says.

Check it out in the clip above.

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