SNL Praised For 'Draw Muhammad' Skit

"Saturday Night Live" received heaps of praise this weekend over a skit that parodied the fear of drawing the Prophet Muhammad.

In a riff on the classic game show "Win, Lose or Draw," the contestants are given a word or phrase they must sketch. Bobby Moynihan's character picks up a card that reads "The Prophet Muhammad" and refuses to draw it. Keenan Thompson's character is up next, but he, too balks at the suggestion.

Based on their reactions, a third contestant, played by Reese Witherspoon, correctly guesses the clue.

Comedian and former SNL staffer Dean Obeidallah called the bit "a great comedy sketch that raises an important issue about freedom for expression and the fear some Americans have about drawing the Prophet Mohammed." Salon declared the skit "brilliant" and Twitter users applauded its edginess. Watch the full sketch in the video above.

Drawings of the prophet have long been a contentious topic. But after two gunmen last Sunday opened fire on a "Draw Muhammad" art contest that has been deemed anti-Muslim, fears mounted.

SNL isn't the first to take on fears over Muhammad drawings. "South Park" has repeatedly censored episodes featuring Muhammad because of safety fears.