Everyone Thinks God Is Gay In ‘SNL’ Takedown Of Religious Freedom Bills

Today's sermon: Yasss kween.

"Saturday Night Live” has given us some truly outstanding fake movie trailers over the years, but "God is a Boob Man" might just take the cake (pun intended).

When a gay couple demands that devout Christian baker Beth make them a wedding cake, she refuses on the grounds of religious freedom in the spirit of the real-life Mississippi bill that gives businesses the right to deny goods and services on the basis of sexual orientation.

The clash between Beth and the "gay agenda" leads to an epic legal battle to determine whether "God is gay." But Beth, a member of "the most oppressed group in this country" (Christians, duh) stands her ground to prove once and for all that God isn't a brunch-loving, Lady Gaga-listening gay man.

He's a boob man.

Watch the fake trailer above and compare it with the real "God's Not Dead 2" trailer below.

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