SNL Finale: Old Man McCain, Japanese Office , and Amy Poehler's Baby-Mama Boobs

Last night was the SNL season finale, hosted by The Office's Steve Carrell, and there were a few standouts: John McCain's cameo, obviously, but also the great Hillary/Obama split-screen sketch; the welcome return of the Two A-Holes, ruining karaoke night; a Japanese Office parody that was a season-wide high, and called back to the hilarious Laverne & Shirley parody "Rabun to Shuri" of yesteryear (yeah, I said yesteryear — it was in October 2000. Time flies); and Amy Poehler's comely pregnancy cleavage. Baby Mama-mia! Wiig was an MVP this ep, playing Japanese Pam, a too-coy model stealing the "Deal Or No Deal" sketch, and belting out a tune with Carrell. Also a nice segment on Update for Kenan Thompson and Darrell Hammond as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, in that duo's first appearance since the all-but-ignored "Obama Files" cartoon from the Ellen Page ep, I believe.

As for McCain, good stuff for him but the Update segment was, in my opinion, much fresher and funnier (since "Things Younger Than McCain" sort of stole that thunder) — the "yes, fight amongst yourselves" line was terrific. Well played, all. Alas, not a single appeasement joke — hard to pull off when McCain is sitting right there but still, it was sort of the giant elephant in the room (but we hear he was mixing and mingling at the afterparty, so I guess that part was less awkward).Still, we liked this joke: "On Wednesday, John Edwards officially endorsed himself for's believed the Edwards endorsement of Senator Obama will help Obama nail down the critical handsome millionaire vote" (runner-up: How the California gay marriage ruling was "great news for the state's mesh tuxedo industry"). Also a CPR sketch that made me feel sort of sick but I guess that was the point (lots of blood, gore and viscera — plus cameo from musical guest Usher! He had some great moves).

At any rate this season may be gone but you won't have to wait as long for the next episode — they'll be starting early in September so they can get as much election-mockery time in as possible. For now, content yourselves with this week's vids. Congrats on a great season, SNL! Let's see more of Casey Wilson next year.

Barack and Hillary: "There Can Only Be One"

Japanese "Office":

McCain on Update: "Democrats, Take All The Time You Need"

McCain Is Old:

Bless This Child:

Deal or No Deal:

The Sort-of-Bizarre-But-Great-Sight-Gag Charlie Flitt Show:

Cold Open - Commencement Ceremony For People With Funny-Sounding Names
(SNL loves its double-entendre pun sketches (cf. Cork Soakers and Colonel Angus):