Al Franken Makes Santa's Naughty List On 'SNL,' But Roy Moore Makes The 'Registry'

Kid nearly schools Claus on Matt Lauer's sex toys.

Saturday Night Live’s” take on politics featured elf Kate McKinnon and Santa Kenan Thompson in the cold open listening to a line-up of smart kids making mention of everything from opioids to kneeling professional football players and toys — more specifically, Matt Lauer’s sex toys.

And about that: Al Franken is definitely on Santa’s “naughty list” — but Roy Moore’s list is more of a sex offenders “registry,” McKinnon notes in the sketch. Then there’s President Donald Trump — “19 accusers — Google it,” she adds.

The lesson learned by one of the children? “If you admit you did something wrong, you get in trouble. But if you deny it, they let you keep your job.”

Elf McKinnon gets down to it with a heartfelt vision of a return to sanity, a subdued echo of her “Hallelujah” song after Trump won the 2016 election.

“We seem to have lost all perspective on what’s naught and nice,” McKinnon tells a child. (“I know, I’ve seen Fox News,” the girl responds.)

But “most people in America are good people, and eventually good people will fix our country,” McKinnon says.

For a little added insurance, though, the kid’s putting all her money in Bitcoin.

Check out the clip above.

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