'SNL' Parodies Jon Snow's Painstakingly Slow 'Game Of Thrones' Twist

"Pick up the pace!"

Time moves a bit differently in the "Game of Thrones” universe. And by differently, we mean slowly. Just how long do we have to wait for winter to actually come? 

But no storyline has been more unnecessarily elongated than Jon Snow's *spoiler alert* highly speculated resurrection. After the beloved character was stabbed "to death" in the Season 5 finale, HBO, cast members and even Snow himself, actor Kit Harington, confirmed that his demise would stick. And yet, in the closing moments of the new season's second episode, Melisandre used her magic to bring Snow back from the dead. Hold your shock and awe. 

"Saturday Night Live" took the belated twist to task during this weekend's Brie Larson-helmed episode. In a recreation of the now-infamous scene, the "Room" star played an onlooker begging the powers that be to "bring him back to life, already!” 

Thankfully, Kate McKinnon's Melisandre returns to first "stare dramatically" and then resurrect Snow very slowly. But throughout the sketch, Snow repeatedly awakens only to be told, "Not yet, kid."

It's not regular TV pacing, it's HBO. 

Watch the full sketch above.



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