'SNL' Gives 'Family Matters' The Gritty Reboot Treatment With A Not-So-Goofy Urkel

It's the dramatic Urkel-centered reboot we've all been waiting for.

From the people that brought you sexy Archie, girlboss Cruella and the aggressively grim Perry Mason, it’s time to meet the latest and absolutely necessary reimagining of a beloved character.

On the heels of the recently released trailer for Peacock’s series “Bel-Air” — the upcoming dramatic take on the ’90s sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” ― “Saturday Night Live” gave “Family Matters” the gritty reboot treatment during the Ariana DeBose-hosted episode over the weekend.

Billed as the “next ’90s show about the Black experience to be given a serious, high-stakes remake,” the new version, which simply goes by the title “Urkel,” casts the bespectacled nerd we all remember in a decidedly darker light.

This time around, Steve Urkel (Chris Redd) reaches for his gun just as often as his schoolbooks, explaining in an overly severe voice-over that he’s just trying to survive on the streets of “Chi-raq,” as the camera passes over a bullet-ridden mailbox bearing his name.

Gritty Urkel’s life is predictably far from rosy, as his alcoholic mother played by DeBose cuts down his confidence at home (“I raised a damn nerd!”) and his crush Laura (Ego Nwodim) brushes off his advances for another suitor. That’s when he snaps and beats her boyfriend to a bloody pulp.

Putting a whole new spin on his catchphrase, Redd’s Urkel exclaims, “Did I do thaaaat?” while holding the man at gunpoint. “What if I shot you in the face?! Should I do thaaaat?”

Kenan Thompson, playing Carl Winslow, thankfully intervenes, but he’s not exactly the “Family Matters” patriarch you might remember. Sure, he’s still a Chicago police officer, but he’s also breaking a suspect’s arm in half during a particularly intense interrogation.

He’ll always have a soft spot for Urkel, however, giving the wayward nerd some tough love in a heartwarming speech at the end of the sketch.

“The Winslows are your family,” Thompson tells him. “And family fucking matters.”

This weekend’s “SNL” episode was the first to air after a winter hiatus, with Bleachers stepping in as the musical guest after rapper Roddy Ricch was forced to pull out of the show due to a COVID-19 exposure.

The late-night sketch series filmed its last episode of 2021 with a limited cast and crew due to the recent spread of the omicron variant of the coronavirus. The heavily pre-recorded episode proceeded without a musical guest as Charli XCX, who was set to perform, had to cancel her set altogether.

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