'SNL' Goat Boy Cancels Shows At Venues Requiring Vaccination, Rants About ‘Segregation’

Jim Breuer said he’d rather play backyards and go bankrupt than perform at venues requiring audience members to be inoculated against COVID-19.

Saturday Night Live” alum Jim Breuer — aka Goat Boy on the show ― ranted about “segregation” in a Facebook Live video in which he announced the cancelation of stand-up comedy gigs at venues that require patrons to prove COVID-19 vaccination.

“I am absolutely not doing those shows,” Breuer said of now-nixed performances in New Jersey and Michigan.

“I know I’m going to sacrifice a lot of money, but I’m not going to be enslaved by the system or by money, and nor should anyone that wants to laugh or be entertained,” added Breuer, who appeared on “SNL” from 1995 to 1998.

Breuer said the COVID-19 vaccine was a “choice” and claimed he didn’t care whether people got the shots.

“If you have anything else to say, I honestly don’t care,” he added. “I have to stick to my morals. I have to stick to what I know is right.”

Breuer suggested people were being “forced” and “bribed” into receiving the shots and claimed performers were being held “hostage” by ticketing vendors and state governors.

They are “segregating people,” he added.

“If you try to segregate my audience or my following ... I’m walking away,” Breuer continued, saying he’d rather play backyards and “go bankrupt and make a stance and not segregate.”

In contrast, comedian Patton Oswalt has canceled upcoming tour dates in Florida and Salt Lake City because the venues would not require the audience to show they were fully vaccinated or had tested negative for the virus.

COVID cases have been surging, especially among unvaccinated people, and large numbers of vaccine resistors are allowing the delta variant to continue spreading, even in vaccinated populations.

President Joe Biden last week announced sweeping vaccination mandates that aim to force employees of the government and large companies to get the shots.

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