SNL Spoofs Greta Van Susteren, Donald Trump Debate (VIDEO)

Donald Trump's scheduled GOP debate may be slowly driving off a cliff as we speak, but that didn't stop SNL from taking a few well-placed jabs at the real estate mogul-turned-maybe-presidential-candidate.

In a spoof of "On The Record with Greta Van Susteren," Kristen Wiig reprised her role as the FoxNews host, introducing Trump (a surprise cameo by Darrell Hammond) and the only two candidates still willing to take part in his debate, Rick Santorum (as always, a shifty and terrified-looking Andy Samberg) and Newt Gingrich (Bobby Moynihan).

Parodying his signature bravado, Hammond's Trump explained that he was a natural choice to moderate a debate because he's extremely wealthy, has a hit show, and a young, hot wife. Oddly enough, these are the same credentials that would make him an excellent presidential candidate, as opposed to Obama:

Meanwhile with Obama we've got a president who, quite frankly, doesn't know what he's doing, we're not respected in the world and I don't even think his wife is younger than him. For all we know she might even be older. Of course, we can't know for sure because we still haven't seen his birth certificate.

Wiig's Susteren challenged Trump on this point, remarking that the president had, in fact, released his birth certificate. Trump, however, was unfazed:

Really? All I saw was a notarized form from the state of Hawaii showing the date he was born, the names of his parents, his social security number, and listing the hostital in Honolulu where the birth took place, signed by the nurse and attending physician. If that's your idea of a birth certificate...

Of course, one wonders if it's more sad or hilarious that Hammond's parody of Donald Trump is only a stone's throw from the real guy.