Sen. Harry Reid Asks For Obama's Birth Certificate In 'SNL' Cold Opening (VIDEO)

Last night on "Saturday Night Live," the often political cold-opening mocked Senator Harry Reid's desire to distance himself from President Obama, going so far as to reveal him to be a "birther" calling for Obama's birth certificate.

The sketch begins with President Obama appearing at a rally for the Democratic senator in Nevada. Reid, played by newcomer Paul Brittain, mentions that since neither of them is very popular in the state, it would help if he put some distance between them.

Reid then takes the podium and begins proclaiming that he and the President are "not close at all" and "barely know each other" before asking why, if he was born in the United States, he won't just show everyone his birth certificate.

Aside from painting him as a birther, "SNL" also took jabs at Reid for "double crossing" the President and for pretending to agree with the him when it's good for Nevada but disagreeing with him on every other issue.


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