'SNL' Ridicules Hollywood's Whitewashing With Fake Jay-Z Movie

What would a Hollywood film based on Jay Z's life look like? According to "Saturday Night Live," it would probably star a bunch of white guys portraying famous black rappers.

By the looks of this year's Oscar nominees, the film industry isn't very diverse these days. "SNL" mocked this sad fact in a hilarious sketch, "The Jay Z Story." The sketch stars a very polite Mike O'Brien as Shawn Carter, aka Jay Z. "SNL" alum Jason Sudeikis plays a young Kanye West, deep cut V-neck and all. Sasheer Zamata is Destiny's Child-era Beyonce, while host J.K. Simmons portrays Nas. If you were wondering how the infamous beef between Jay Z and Nas really got resolved, it all came down to Jay interrupting their fight, saying, "Time out, this is silly! ... Buds?"

Jay Pharoah also gives his spot-on Jay Z impression, but gets totally shunned by O'Brien.

Watch the full sketch above.



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