SNL: Jonas Brothers, Alec Baldwin, Jack McBrayer, Cameron Diaz & More (VIDEO)

Alec Baldwin hosted SNL this week with musical guest The Jonas Brothers, who also joined Baldwin for a skit and starred in the Digital Short.

The show opening was a deluded Republican strategy session, seen here.

During his monologue, Baldwin took a moment for a message.

"I want to say, thank you Christian Bale, who has replaced me as the person most synonymous with recorded celebrity meltdown. Thank you Christian."

He then called on fellow "30 Rock" cast member Kenneth the Page player Jack McBrayer, sitting in the audience, who proved to be more popular than Baldwin.


Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas were featured in the first skit, about the fourth Jonas Brother, played by a sax-toting, scarf-wearing Alec Baldwin, who's getting voted out.

The skit poked fun at the Brothers, as Baldwin says of Joe, "He's not one of us, he has straight hair and his eyebrows look like they were drawn on with a Sharpie," and highlights their purity rings
Alec Baldwin and special guest Cameron Diaz stopped by the Cougar Den to prowl for young men:

At Sir Mix-A-Lot Photo Shop, people can give the gift of huge butts to photos.

"Who can see her wrinkles with an ass like that?"


The Nintendo Wii as masturbation:
The Digital Short also featured the Jonas Brothers: