'SNL' Confirms Your Worst Fears About Having Kids In Creepy Unaired Sketch

'SNL' Confirms Your Worst Fears About Having Kids

For many people, the scariest part of Halloween isn't the gory costumes, evil pranks or even the possible tooth decay. It's the kids. The KIDS! THE KIDS!

"Saturday Night Live" released an unaired digital sketch from this weekend's Jim Carrey-hosted episode that will strike a chord with anyone who has a phobia of children, or at least of children swarming you like a horde of zombies.

What starts out as a cute, meeting-of-the-parents date quickly turns into a horror movie as writer Mike O'Brien finds himself in a creepy lair with a boy king and his iPad-presenting man servants (played by Jim Carrey and Bobby Moynihan).

Don't be surprised if you're even more afraid of commitment after watching the clip.

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