The Men Of 'SNL' Share Their Best Lorne Michaels Stories, Prove Even He Butt-Dials

When the most intimidating man in comedy calls you, you answer. Even if it's a butt dial.

During a Todd Snyder photo shoot and series of video interviews with the men of "Saturday Night Live" (minus Kenan Thompson -- what up with that?), GQ asked the guys to share their favorite story about executive producer Lorne Michaels.

As you can imagine, they were pretty selective with their words about their boss.

In addition to stories about Michaels' surprise tenderness, his Richard Pryor anecdotes and over-analyzing his pats on the back, "Weekend Update" co-host Colin Jost shared one that we can all somewhat relate to: being butt-dialed.

Hear those stories in the video above and watch the one below to find out what it's like to get the call from Michaels:

The "Saturday Night Live" 40th Anniversary Special will air live on Sunday Feb. 15 at 7ET/4PT on NBC.



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