SNL Mocks Fox's Election Coverage, Glenn Beck's Spelling Problems (VIDEO)

"Saturday Night Live" opened last night with a sketch lampooning Fox News's election coverage. Yes, the 2009 elections dominated cable news coverage consisted of exactly two gubernatorial races and two congressional seats, but that didn't stop Fox News from spinning it as a referendum on Obama's presidency.

SNL's sketch focused on a panel lead by Greta Van Susteren (aptly played by Kristen Wiig) of three conservative voices and Joe Trippi, representing all Democrats. The latter was not called on to speak once.

At one point, Greta threw to Glenn Beck--Jason Sudeikis's greatest role to date--who was crying, trying on hats, and having linguistic problems on a chalk board. "Oh, and Greta, I also realized you could rearrange the letters of your name to spell 'A Great' and it was a great night--a great great night for a great great nation."


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