SNL Mocks Whoopi Goldberg For Uninformed Roman Polanski Defense (VIDEO)

Despite overwhelming evidence that Roman Polanski drugged, raped, and sodomized a 13-year-old girl, most of Hollywood has felt the need to rush to his defense. This criminal has been in the wind, defying punishment for decades, yet unlike most felons that flee, Polanski enjoys the status of "creative genius" which affords him powerful protectors. His most notable defender this week has been "View" veteran Whoopi Goldberg who said Polanski didn't "rape-rape" his victim.

"SNL" seized upon this instance to mock Goldberg, portraying her as uninformed and distracted:

"Look, Seth Meyers, unlike you we have an early morning show. Basically I just roll out of bed and start talking. Sometimes I don't even wake up until 45 minutes into the show, unsure of what I said to whom or what or where or even who got me to where I am or how."


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