'SNL' Nails The Awkwardness Of Watching A Sex Scene With Your Parents

"Oh no! There's a sex scene in 'Terminator?'"

No matter how close you are with your parents, trying to get through a sex scene in a movie with them will always -- always -- be awkward. It's just one of the many facts of life. 

"Saturday Night Live" feels your pain. 

In one of our favorite sketches from the Melissa McCarthy-hosted episode, titled "Movie Night," "SNL" cast member Pete Davidson, along with McCarthy and Bobby Moynihan, totally nail that feeling of getting through a steamy scene with your 'rents. The sketch perfectly illustrates that, no matter what you say or do, you can never improve the situation. And regardless of how cool your parents are, they'll probably always make things worse. 

Watch the whole sketch below: 

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