Bow WOW: 'SNL' Offers A Solution For Sex To Keep A Jealous Fido From Watching

A giant dog costume gives humans some privacy and keeps clueless Rover happy.

It’s hard to relax with Rover staring — or growling — during a hot encounter in bed. But what are pet lovers to do? “Saturday Night Live” has come up with a product to stump four-legged loved ones ― a giant dog cuddly with room inside for sex.

“Don’t let your fur baby ruin the intimate moment you’ve waited for all week,” the “SNL” mock ad implores. “Now you don’t have to with Pound Puppy, the furry dog costume big enough for two people to have sex in. Once inside you can go to town, and your dog will just think there’s a much larger dog in the room.”

Your “dog will smile while you doggie-style.”

Find out exactly how it works in the “SNL” video up top.