'SNL' Perfectly Captures The Shopping Experience For People Who Hate Shopping

Meet Fashion Coward, your new favorite clothing store.

Clothes shopping isn’t for everyone: the choices, the crowds, the harsh lighting ― it can all be a bit much. And not everyone feels like pulling off a bold, look-at-me outfit every day. Lucky for us, now there’s Fashion Coward, a satirical store designed by “Saturday Night Live” that the less shopping-inclined will wish were a real place.

Especially exciting offerings include “pants for the legs” and a “big gray zip-up sweatshirt” that “doubles as a real life invisibility cloak.”

But it’s the fitting room at Fashion Coward that speaks to the true dread of shopping. Mirrors are placed at a mercifully far distance so they won’t trigger horrible memories of trying things on and the store even has an, err, unconventional tactic to help with decision-making.

When a customer takes more than 30 seconds to decide on an item of clothing, “mercy gas” is emitted from the ceiling, lulling the customer to sleep while a man throws them over his shoulder and does the shopping himself.

Some commenters on the “SNL” YouTube page wrote that they felt “personally attacked lol” by the sketch, with its spot-on assessment of what shopping can sometimes feel like. And if you spent the entire sketch with the sinking feeling that “gee, this looks a lot like an Ann Taylor,” you’re in for a treat at the end.

Watch the entire sketch above.