‘SNL’ Sketch From 1998 Foreshadows Trump’s Obsession With Hillary

Who knew post-election campaigning was a thing? "SNL," apparently.

Since taking office after defeating Hillary Clinton in the election last November, President Donald Trump, his cabinet and his surrogates have spent an awful lot of time ... well, campaigning against Hillary Clinton. Fox News even seems to think Hillary Clinton is president. Sigh, if only.

With this in mind, we recalled a little-known “Saturday Night Live” sketch from 1998, in which Will Ferrell plays a “sore winner,” politician Mack North. North, after winning the election, continues to run attack ads against his opponent, Fred Peete, played by Chris Parnell.

In a second ad from the recurring sketch, Mack North stalks Fred Peete in a Target parking lot to find out why he has money for his kid’s private school education and a fancy chiropractor, but no money to buy post-election ads.

“And don’t tell me the campaign is over!” yells Ferrell.

And in a third ad, Mack North impersonates former opponent Fred Peete with a crudely constructed mask as a way of getting Peete to own up to how much of a loser he is.

You can’t help but hear Donald Trump, in Will Ferrell’s Mack North character, yelling, “Admit it, Hillary, you’re a loser and you lost the election! Why won’t you respond to these claims that you lost? What are you hiding??”

Ah, 2017.