Glover And 'Friendos' Spoof Migos In Rap Group Therapy Session On 'SNL'

Deflection, emotional conflict, breakthrough and a "Lambo."

Ever get stuck in the middle of a rap and find there’s some things that have to be worked out?

That was the idea in a “Saturday Night Live” sketch featuring a parody rap group a la Migos starring the night’s host, “Atlanta” star Donald Glover, along with Chris Redd and Kenan Thompson as members of “Friendos.”

They had to stop their music mid-video to work out some ... issues. So they headed to a group therapy session with Dr. Angela Anderson, played by Cecily Strong. There they talked about deflection, emotional conflict, an ice-cream-colored Lamborghini and a breakthrough.

Rapper A$AP Rocky made a cameo at the end, waiting for his own turn in therapy.

Check out the video above.