'SNL's' Movie Trailer Honors The Republican Who Stood Up To Trump

We don't know who this hero is, but it's definitely not Paul Ryan.

Saturday Night Live” wanted to honor the brave Republican who stood up to President Donald Trump, so they made a trailer for that hero’s biopic. 

The trailer has all the makings of an instant classic: suspense, inspiration, Octavia Spencer. All it’s missing is its star.

“A country in chaos, a nation divided, led by a president with unchecked power,” an ominous voice-over says. “Until one Republican decided enough was enough. A patriot who put country over party, who finally stood up for his nation’s founding values.”

That person is, of course, still to be determined ― much like in real life.

“So you want to speak out against the president? Aren’t you scared?” a man asks the TBD hero.

TBD’s response was... well, we don’t know, but it was probably brave. And he had a “rallying cry that spoke to all people” ― not that we know what it is.

“SNL’s” fake trailer for the “The TBD Story” hopefully provides some inspiration to Republicans in Congress, who have kept quiet despite the controversy surrounding the Trump campaign’s communications with Russia, Trump’s own hateful and xenophobic rhetoric and his unsubstantiated claims against former president Barack Obama.

Even though this conservative hero hasn’t stepped forward yet, the trailer got one thing right: “It’s definitely not Paul Ryan,” according to a fake review from Rolling Stone.

And a lot of people are anxious for “The TBD Story’s” real-life debut.



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