'SNL' Presents 'Technology Hump' With Emma Stone & Andy Samberg (VIDEO)

For every sketch that "Saturday Night Live" does in the name of satire, for every sketch that skewers the latest political scandal, entertainment craze or unnecessary consumer good, there's one that just makes you laugh because of how stupid it is.

This week's so-stupid-it's-funny bit is a little something called "Technology Hump," a show of sorts hosted by Emma Stone and Andy Samberg.

First of all, it's exactly what you think it is: a show where electronic devices appear to mime sex. That's the stupid part.

The funny part is the dialogue, which is so soap opera-y and over the top that it sounds hilarious coming from an iPad or a curling iron in a tiny yet dramatic bedroom set. Not to mention the notion that this could actually be a show, or that it would be hosted by friendly, upbeat young people and not some creepy techno-file.

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