'SNL' Introduces 'Thank You Scott' Anthem For Lazy Armchair Activists

If you share this link, you're probably a Scott.

This week’s episode of “Saturday Night Live” shed light on an issue that most people are familiar with, but relatively few talk about: armchair activism.

In a music video titled “Thank You Scott,” the cast of “SNL” dedicates a song to Scott, aka Louis C.K., a social justice Twitter warrior who is compelled to make a change in the world with the power of his laptop and the “share” button.

Whether it’s posting a news article to his Facebook while sitting on the toilet or changing his Twitter bio to read “Black Lives Matter,” Scott is indeed doing his very minimal part to somehow make the world a better place.

And, apparently, a lot of people were touched by the song’s message.

After the music video aired Saturday night, the people of Twitter (whom we can assume was the skit’s target audience) came to a disappointing realization: We are all Scott. 

Let’s celebrate the new anthem of slacktivism and pledge to do way more than sit on our couches and send out a tweet.

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