'SNL' Explains Why Feminist Songs Are Impossible, Creates Feminist Anthem Anyway

"This is pretty nuanced stuff and putting it all in one song was tough."

Who run the world? The ladies of "Saturday Night Live," apparently. 

Try as Beyoncé might, feminism can be a tricky concept to distill into a single song, as women's experiences differ dramatically depending on their race, socio-economic status, sexual orientation and gender identity. "SNL" wasn't up to the task of tackling these complexities, so they came up with "This Is Not A Feminist Song" instead.

The sketch features the female cast members of "SNL," as well as host Ariana Grande, singing dramatically about the difficulties of penning a feminist anthem. 

"This is pretty nuanced stuff and putting it all in one song was tough," they sing in a faux-serious tone against dramatic backdrops. "And that's why this is not a feminist song. We tried real hard, but it took too long." 

However, over the course of song they realize that it is actually feminist and change their tune, fist pumping in unison and and running enthusiastically with streamers on the beach. 

Watch the full sketch above.



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