'SNL' Nails The TSA Pat-Downs: 'It's Our Business To Touch Yours' (VIDEO)


Last night's "Saturday Night Live" did one of the best parodies of the controversial TSA pat-downs yet, turning flyers' fears of unwanted touch into a commercial for a sensual experience. What starts out looking like a sex hotline or escort service ad quickly turns into a message from the TSA to all those feeling lonely this holiday season.

In the commercial, TSA Agents played hilariously by Keenan Thompson, Bill Hader and Bobby Moynihan urge you to opt out of the full-body scanner at the airport because "that's when the fun begins." While it may not be a sexy woman patting you down before you board your flight, the TSA guys promise companionship whether you like it or not. As they say, "It's our business to touch yours."


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