'SNL' Mocks Completely Clueless Leaders In Virginia Blackface Scandal

"What if blackface was part of your costume as a black person?" asks one.

Things aren’t looking good on “Saturday Night Live” for Virginia government officials, all of whom apparently wore blackface at one time or another.

None of them seems to quite get it when quizzed about blackface by Kenan Thompson in the wake of Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam’s blackface scandal.

“What if blackface was part of your costume of a black person?” Beck Bennett asks.

Cecily Strong wonders if it still matters if it was done “all the way back in the ’80s.” Mikey Day responds: “Of course not. It was funny and cool in the ’80s.”

Thompson responds: “It does still count. And it was never funny or cool.”

His advice? “Delete any Facebook folder labeled ‘Halloween’ and hope for the best.”

Check it out in the video up top.