SNL's Cathy Anne Tells The South What They Can Really Be Proud Of

There's so much more than the Civil War to celebrate.

Why do some in the South need to celebrate Civil War figures?  

As “Weekend Update” regular Cathy Anne (Cecily Strong) explains, the region has so much more worth remembering and praising. 

“They got rocking chairs on big porches. They got the friedest food you ever tasted. They got cheap cigarettes. They got cute nicknames like Scooter, June Bug, Colonel Poopy Conner,” she said. “They got big fat guys in tiny little ties, and got drive-though liquor stores. I mean, you’ve got a bunch. You don’t make statues that basically say ’I did my best for slavery.”

Cathy Anne also came right and said exactly what President Donald Trump hasn’t said about neo-Nazis. 

Check it out above. 

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