'SNL' Just Identified The Worst Kind Of Male Feminist

“I freaking marched for you. You won’t get down on this?”

Saturday Night Live” just exposed the worst kind of liberal: dudes who use activism to pick up chicks.

In a digital short titled “Girl at a Bar,” Cecily Strong gets hit on by a series of men who are eager to talk about feminism. All seems to go well until Strong’s character, who’s wearing a shirt that says “The future is female,” turns each guy down.

Beck Bennett points out that he and Strong are wearing matching shirts, but turns on her when she rejects his offer for a date. “OK, bitch,” Bennett screams. “I wore this shirt and you won’t even let me nut? I followed all the rules!”

Things seem to get better when Kyle Mooney pulls the screaming man away and tells Strong he was just in D.C. for the Women’s March, saying “it was honestly one of the best days of my life.”

But when Strong turns him down too, Mooney unleashes his wrath.

“I freaking marched for you. You won’t get down on this?” he yells while grabbing his crotch.

Even Alex Moffat in a pink pussy hat can’t seem to get it right. He name-drops Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), then presents Strong with a very disgusting offer.

After “SNL” scored its highest ratings in years by picking apart President Donald Trump’s administration, it seems like the show decided it was time to make fun of the left too.

And creepy, fake feminist men are a hilarious start.

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