SNL's Yet Another GOP Debate Presented By Marriott TV (VIDEO)

It seems like until the parade of GOP debates stops, SNL will continue hammering away at the candidates.

Presenting yet another GOP debate -- following the season opener's "7th or 8th GOP Debate" -- SNL spoofed the fact that nearly every broadcast entity has scrambled to host the candidates in a verbal skirmish. This one, featuring the presidential hopefuls seated according to the latest poll results, was hosted by Marriott TV, "the only channel people tune into less" than Bloomberg TV.

Kenan Thompson returned as Herman Cain, and we maintain his impression is the number one factor in the Godfather impresario's popularity. Jason Sudeikis has grown into his role as Mitt Romney, giving him the perfect mix of out-of-touch confusion and affable sliminess. Meanwhile, Bill Hader took over the Rick Perry reigns from Alec Baldwin, giving the Texas governor a dose of surreality that suits his often incomprehensible statements.

A few other nice touches included Michele Bachmann and Newt Gingrich fighting to stay alive inside a locked janitor's closet, Ron Paul wandering around parking garage, and Rick Santorum seated at a gay bar in the Castro section of San Francisco.

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